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RED LINES: 2002, UK, 7 mins, DigiBeta, 16:9 Ratio

AWARDS: Best Picture, Fearless Tales Genre Fest 2004, USA. Highly Commended Award, Manchester Festival of Fantastic Films 2003, UK.

SYNOPSIS: Young schoolgirl Emily (KIRSTY LEVETT) has been caught running in the hallway again... She is kept in detention and is forced to write lines by her teacher (DOUG BRADLEY). All alone in the eerily quiet classroom, Emily's night becomes a nightmare when she discovers the mystery of the 'RED LINES'.

CAST: DOUG BRADLEY, who starred as 'Pinhead' in the HELLRAISER series of movies and Doctor Matthews in ON EDGE, stars as Teacher. Newcomer KIRSTY LEVETT plays Emily. LEONE HANMAN makes her screen debut in RED LINES.

PRODUCTION: RED LINES debuted at CINENYGMA, Luxembourg and in competition at DEAD BY DAWN 2003 horror festival, Edinburgh (both in April 2003), going on to win the UK Festival of Fantastic Films Highly Commended Award and Best Picture at San Francisco's Fearless Tales Festival. GENESIS TV of London supplied the digital camera equipment. GRAHAM TAYLOR and DAVID WARD edited the film at M2. CHRIS PHINIKAS at MARMALADE provided the sound mix. Make-up Effects created by AMELIA PRUEN. Cinematography is by BAFTA Award Nominee ALAN STEWART, whose previous work includes BAND OF BROTHERS, ON EDGE and the TARTAN SHORTS film series. Music for the film is by CHRISTOPHER, a New York-based musician (Visit Christopher at: URBAN CHILLERS FILMS are to distribute Red Lines as part of FEAR ZONE, a new TV horror anthology series.

RED LINES follows the success of FRAZER LEE's award winning debut ON EDGE and was scripted, shot, edited and audio mixed in just one month.

, "I was in the States doing my one-man theatre show AN EVENING WITH DEATH when I received the screenplay for RED LINES from (writer/director) FRAZER LEE. I like Frazer's ideas and am always happy to work with him. I flew back to London on Saturday 2 November, discussed the project with Frazer on Monday and we were shooting on Tuesday 5 November!" Shooting on Bonfire Night proved less problematic than the filmmakers anticipated, and on set Doug Bradley pointed out that the shoot coincided with the anniversary of the first night's filming on CLIVE BARKER'S original HELLRAISER. After wrapping RED LINES, Doug flew out to Budapest to shoot HELLRAISER: DEADER, the seventh movie in the series.

RED LINES marks the second collaboration between DOUG BRADLEY and FRAZER LEE - the first being ON EDGE, winner of Best Short at Halloween Filmfest Germany 2001. "I refer to these films as the service industry horrors," laughs Doug, "In ON EDGE, I played a homicidal dentist and in RED LINES I'm a school teacher..." So why do short films? "I love the short film format," says Bradley, "You can do things in a short space of time that you just can't do in a full-length film. It is a challenge to tell a horror story in such a short amount of time."

Writer / Director, FRAZER LEE, says, "The challenge with RED LINES was to tell a horror story in just five minutes - quite tough (the film was created to strict guidelines for a new anthology show entitled URBAN CHILLERS FEAR ZONE). I got all inspired after re-watching Robert Wise's THE HAUNTING and the original RING. I have been very impressed by Japanese horror films of late, and wanted to show that us Brits can still do it too! RED LINES is a classic ghost story with a modern twist. And having been appalled by the crass media coverage of schoolgirl murders recently, I really needed to get a schoolgirl horror film out of my system! Again, I was delighted to work with DOUG BRADLEY on the film - and lucky too - I managed to get Doug on his one day off before shooting HELLRAISER: DEADER in Romania!"

"Red Lines gave me the total creeps... This guy is a great director, he knows how to do it guys!"
(Tobe Hooper, director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Poltergeist)


[ 2003 ]

Cinenygma, Luxembourg

Dead By Dawn, Edinburgh, Scotland

Festival of Fantastic Films Manchester, UK

Macabro Festival, Mexico City, Mexico

Exofest Canada

Shriekfest USA

Shockerfest USA

NYC Horror Film Festival New York, USA

NYC Video Theatre New York, USA

[ 2004 ]

Fearless Tales Genre Fest San Francisco, USA

Horrorfind Weekend Maryland, USA

[ 2005 ]

Horror Fiesta Warsaw, Poland

Monster Mania New Jersey, USA

Chicago Horror Film Festival Chicago, USA

Chillerfest London Expo, London, UK

Weekend Of Horrors Munster, Germany

[ 2006 ]

Rock and Shock, USA

Halloween Horror Picture Show, USA

[ 2007 ]

Rock and Film Horror Fest, North Hollywood, USA.

Abertoir, Aberystwyth, UK.

Future Shorts Halloween Night, Belfast, NI.

Velocity Halloween Short Film Night, Carnforth Railway Station, Lancashire, UK.

[ 2008 ]

HorrorHound Weekend, Indianapolis, USA

Abertoir Aberystwyth, UK.

[ 2009 ]

Drgon*Con Film Festival Atlanta, USA

October 29th ~ Crystal Palace Pictures
LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (with short 'ON EDGE' + Q&A)

October 30th ~ Mayhem Horror Festival
HELLRAISER (with short 'ON EDGE')

October 29th-31st ~ 28 Hours Later Film Festival

October 31st ~ Reel Islington Halloween Screamings

November 21st ~ Death and the Devil Film Festival